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Bullfrogs & Butterflies III / God Is Great (Entire CD)

Bullfrogs & Butterflies III / God Is Great (Entire CD)

Produced by: Tony Salerno and Frank Hernandez
Assistant Producers: Ron Krueger and Fletch Wiley
Tracks Arranged by: Buddy Miller
Strings and Vocals Arranged by: Fletch Wiley

1. Oh Me, Oh My (by Julie Miller)
2. My Favorite Things (by Guy Heath)
3. God's Wonderful Love (by Craig Swanby)
4. Knock, Knock, Knock (by Walt & Marcie Pelot)
5. I Know Somebody Who Knows (by Julie Miller)
6. I Love To Say Your Name (by Julie Miller)
7. Floydd Frogg (By Walt & Marci Pelot)
8. There's Been a Metamorphosis (by Mike Milligan)
9. Jesus Gave Me Wings (by Betsy Hernandez)
10. It's Time to Let My People Go (by Mike Milligan)
11. I Will Praise You, O Lord (by Julie Miller)
12. My Favorite Things - Reprise (by Guy Heath)

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