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Kids In Worship (Entire CD)

Kids In Worship (Entire CD)

1. We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
2. Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
3. For All You Do
4. He's My Best Friend
5. Gift To You, A
6. There's No Better Time To Worship You
7. He Is Good
8. God Is Big
9. Praise Him All Creation
10. Jesus Is The Rock
11. I Wanna Be Just Like You
12. I Believe In You
13. I Love You, Lord
14. The Power Of Your Love

For LYRICS please see the individual songs on the previous Store page.

Lead Vocals: Tiffany Hernandez, Allie Smith, Jordan Tate, Cammie Hall, Evan Broder, Aaron Hauth, Devin Hall, Elizabeth Stewart, Michael Schober, Emily Denton, Robert Gay, Kyle Keith
Additional Group Vocalists: Evangeline Ciupek, Sharaya Seidel, Noelle Seidel
Acoustic & Electric Guitars, E-bow, Bouzouki: Mark Baldwin
Guitar: George Cocchini, Dave Cleveland
Flute, Penny Whistle, Harmonica, Saxophone: Ross Walters
Keyboards: David Hamilton
Bass: Gary Lunn
Drums: Scott Williamson
Percussion: Eric Darken


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