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Bullfrogs & Butterflies IV / I've Been Born Again  (Entire CD)

Bullfrogs & Butterflies IV / I've Been Born Again (Entire CD)

Producers: Tony Salerno and Frank Hernandez
Assistant Producer: Ron Krueger
Arranging and Programming: Buddy Miller, Steve Evans and Petterson Barrett
Narrator: Edmiston Walker
Little Boy's Voice: Danny Coksy
Teacher's Voice: Russi Taylor

1. Floydd Frogg Theme
2. An Empty Place
3. Your Conscience
4. Jesus Was A Little Kid, Too
5. Jesus Is Never Too Busy
6. Your Heart
7. Come To The Light
8. Something I Have Missed
9. Into My Heart, Thank You Lord
10. I've Been Born Again
11. My Best Friend
12. An Empty Place (Reprise)

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